Boost Professional Impact by Mastering the Art of Business Writing

July 19, 2023

Casey Mank is co-founder of Bold Type and is a Center for Plain Language Board member. She also teaches English at Georgetown University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Casey and her company conduct workshops on writing skills, workplace communication and email etiquette.

In our digital world of communications, it is imperative that we think more strategically and holistically about how we communicate internally and externally with our business partners. Casey shares that, “no matter how good you are at your actual job, even if your actual job has nothing to do with writing, the way that you communicate with people about the work you’ve done impacts how they perceive your actual work.”

Writing effectively, including emailing, is such an essential skill. Casey highlights the need for more formalized training on how to do that well and what the expectations are within a company. Bold Type’s focus is very specific, and they provide formalized training on workplace writing skills. Their Clutterbust Guide is linked here.

In this episode of MsInterPReted, CEO Kelly Fletcher talks with Casey about a variety of topics pertaining to effective professional writing including:

  • Email etiquette
  • Using plain language effectively
  • Overexplaining
  • The importance of a professional pause

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